Chic Nail Boutique Store Opening FINAL 2


Claws by Christal was founded in 2019 by CEO and Founder Christal Harley. Christal recently graduated from Morgan State University with a B.S. in Family and Consumer Science with a concentration in Fashion Merchandising and a minor in Supply Chain Management. She has always had a passion for nails since she was 10 years old and created designs on her own nails using supplies found around her house. One day she decided to turn her love for nails into her career. With the help of a few friends, she began doing nails as a self-taught nail artist out of her home and she is now a licensed nail technician.

Christal enjoys creating her own custom acrylic powders, glitters and paints to create new looks for her clients. She also enjoys changing her nail designs often and trying new trends. Due to her  busy schedule, she never had time to do her own acrylic nails so instead she created press-on nails for herslef. Due to the many requests to sell her products for other nail technicians to use on their clients, and women who want to wear long nails but can't for a long period of time, this then gave her the idea to start The Chic Nail Boutique. The Chic Nail Boutique is a luxury nail boutique that specializes in custom press-on nails, acrylic powders, nail art supplies and more.